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April 18, 2022

The nutritional requirements of each person may be different depends on their health condition and lifestyle. When it comes to …

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The nutritional requirements of each person may be different depends on their health condition and lifestyle. When it comes to athletes, then nutrition plays a key role in their performance. May athletes consume Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) to boost their muscular energy and perform better on the field. But at the same time, one should also keep the importance of nutrition in mind. The nutritional requirement in such cases requires special attention and needs the support of supplements to fulfill the nutritional requirement. If you want to become a professional in the field of nutrition, you must have this knowledge to help your client get the maximum benefit of PEDs without suffering from their side effects. GSB Academy's Anabolic Nutrition and supplement expert educational workshop is specially designed in such a way that you can learn about the nutritional requirement of a person while consuming PEDs. The working mechanism of each Performance enhancing drug is different and hence needs to have enough knowledge about the steroid for suggesting any diet and supplement program. This workshop will cover all the associated aspects of the PED diet with scientific facts. After attending this workshop you will be able to know the basic application of diet and nutrition management for healthy people and those who are suffering from lifestyle diseases.

What will you learn?

  • Fundamentals and working mechanism of PEDs
  • Study of different supplements
  • Analysis of nutritional requirements
  • The impact of PEDs on a different part of the body and way minimize is side effects.
  • How to maintain the balance of nutrients during the PED cycle
  • Planning nutrition and supplement programs to restore the balance of hormones
  • Busting myths related to anabolic diet, example:- supplementing your diet with proteins the only option to get better results of PEDs

Why should you opt for GSB Academy's Anabolic Nutrition and supplement expert educational workshop?

Unique course with a unique curriculum

: If you want to expand your house of knowledge for professional growth, then it is the only educational program that can provide you the required knowledge from the best and leading faculty of the fitness industry.

In-depth knowledge on nutritional components of the PED diet:-

There are many aspects of an PED diet that one should consider in mind before planning the nutrition & supplement program. Moreover, it also depends on the reaction of PEDs on the body of the consumer. Hence it is important to have in-depth knowledge of these factors to come up with an effective solution.  

Covers the fundamentals of nutrition and supplements:

- This will also brush up your knowledge in the field of nutrition and supplements, which is quite useful for students who have forgotten a few concepts or want to revise these topics and start their learning from fresh.
    • Anabolic Nutrition and Supplement Expert Workshop 00:00:00
    • 1. Energy System 00:13:00
    • 2. Carbs 00:02:00
    • 3. Protein 00:02:00
    • 4. Fats 00:02:00
    • 5. Vitamins 00:09:00
    • 6. Minerals 00:03:00
    • 7. Water 00:05:00
    • 8. Weight Management 00:13:00
    • 9. Suppliments 00:09:00
    • 10. Nutrition Labeling 00:05:00
    • 11. Lifestyle Disease 00:19:00
    • Workshop Quiz 01:00:00


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  1. Course is good


    Course is good

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    This course will provide u very basic knowledge, totally designe for beginners, if u are intermediate or advanced or having little knowledge of nutrition ,then this course is not for u…….

  3. Mitodru BhowmickJune 8, 2020 at 10:52 am



    Quality content

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