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June 18, 2022

Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) is a disorder that affects the functioning of the large intestine and leads to abdominal pain, bloating, …

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) is a disorder that affects the functioning of the large intestine and leads to abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea. Weak muscle contraction in the intestine, abnormalities in the nerves present in the digestive system, intestinal infection, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress are some factors that may become the cause of this problem. The right type of food and a relaxed mind can be the easiest solutions for the management of this problem. Around 10-20% of the global population is affected by this health condition, but faces difficulty in the treatment as sometimes it may get unnoticed. It can even deteriorate the quality of life. How can GSB Fit Team help in treating IBS naturally? People nowadays prefer natural treatment for curing the problem from its roots and avoid complications. Our naturopathic IBS treatment focuses on curing the problem and making the entire gastrointestinal system strong. Till now, we have helped many patients of different age groups. This is the approach that we follow to cure IBS naturally: Understanding the cause: There are many reasons that can lead to IBS, and for effective treatment, we analyze the body well. We suggest a few tests evaluate the condition, cause and severity. Suggesting changes in diet: Our team of experienced nutritionists plans a diet plan according to the patient’s food preference and present dietary requirements. Meanwhile, processed food and junk food are prohibited. Focusing on easing digestion: Things that should be followed before, during, and after the meal are suggested which stimulates digestion power. It includes chewing food and avoiding water consumption just before & after taking the meal. Meditation and exercises to curb down stress levels: Our team will design a workout plan that can help in maintaining bodily fitness as well as relax the mind. 1:1 personal training sessions and counseling: To motivate the patients, we offer 1:1 sessions and counseling. It helps them to let go of the negative feeling and focus on treatment.
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