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April 18, 2022

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) can be helpful in increasing the performance of the athletes, and hence sometimes people try to …

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Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) can be helpful in increasing the performance of the athletes, and hence sometimes people try to consume them without taking any advice from a professional. They tend to forget that there are many side effects of consuming such man-made supplements (Anabolic Steroids). Misuse of PEDs can affect the cardiovascular system, disturb the hormonal balance, lead to acne, or result in psychiatric changes like becoming more aggressive. Hence, one should have enough knowledge of precaution and measurements before consuming such drugs or suggesting someone for doing the same. As a professional in the fitness industry, one needs to study each anabolic steroid's role and mechanism, which can help in planning the nutrition for any client. This course can help in understanding all the PEDs in-depth and how different factors of the body can affect the results of the drug. This certification program is a must for every person who wants to be a nutritionist or fitness trainer.

Topics that are covered:

1.Role of age before PEDs consumption?
  1. Can people with high LDL consume PEDs?
  2. How PEDs affect genetics?
  3. Part of DNA in bodybuilding
  4. Can obese people consume PEDs?
  5. What are the vo2 max and vo2 reserve?
  6. Can sedentary people consume PEDs?
  7. Cigarette smoking and PEDs
  8. Can anabolic steroids worsen diabetic conditions?
  9. Which people are at higher risk or lower risk before consuming steroids?
  10. Safety and precaution while consuming PEDs
  11. Father and mother genetics roles towards PEDs practice?
  12. Which blood test required before, during, and after PEDs?
  13. Role of nutrition and supplements with PEDs.

Why should you opt for this precaution and measurements before consuming PEDs course?


Unique certification program:

This is a unique course offered by GSB Academy and specially planned to help students understand the right of way to consume PEDs in different body conditions.     

Covers precautions and measurements in-depth:

The course curriculum contains all the factors that should be considered before consuming steroids.     

Get an insight into the working mechanism of PEDs:

This course helps the students to understand the biological effect of PEDs on the body and scientific facts that can help in curbing down the side-effects to an extend. Moreover, it also helps the student to understand how the composition of PEDs affects the outcome.     

Comprehensive notes and experienced faculty:

Study notes are planned in such a way that anyone can understand its easy language. Also, the faculty is well-known for its knowledge and experience in the industry.
    • 1. Preacaution and Measurement before anabolic steroid practice 00:53:00
    • 2. Blood Test 00:08:00
    • 3. Human Physiology 00:04:00
    • 4. Role of Sports Nutrition 00:04:00
    • 5. Role of Vitamin D3 and Calcium 00:04:00
    • 6. Role of Zinc 00:04:00
    • 7. Role of Fish Oil 00:05:00
    • 8. Role of Aspartic Acid 00:05:00
    • Precautions and Meaurement Fefore anabolic Steroids E-Book 00:00:00
    • Precautions And Measurements Quiz 01:00:00


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  1. Precautions and Measurements Before Taking Anabolic Steroids


    A wonderful course about precautions and harmful effects of Anabolic Steroids. This course clears all myths regarding steroids. Thanks to the GSB Academy

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