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How To Use Anabolic Steroids Safely?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]GSB Academy is the leading fitness academy of India helping the people to make a career in the fitness industry. But apart from this duty, we are also concerned about the health and fitness condition of the people. We aim to guide our students and other people about the right practices that should be followed to maintain the fitness of the body. When it comes to fitness workout, there are many myths in the society.

We organize fitness workshops periodically through online as well as offline mode. Our instructors are well qualified and have many years of experience in their fields. The most common myth is about the consumption of steroids. We try to cover all the topics related to these supplements and how our body responds to it.

You can even check out the dedicated courses on nutrition and supplement in the courses section. We encourage you to develop skills and enhance your knowledge so that you can also contribute in healthy nation while pursuing your profession.


When should we take steroids?


GSB Academy tries to spread awareness about anabolic steroid through workshops and webinars. A senior instructor of the academy shares the fact that it is highly used by teenagers, but can imbalance the hormone level in the consumer. The following are the common uses of anabolic steroids:

  • To perform better in the game: Athletes consume this supplement to improve their strength and perform better in the game. But the use of any drug for improving the performance is prohibited by the sports associations of various countries.
  • To fulfill the desire of having a perfect body shape: People who want to make their career in a sector where look matter a lot (like modeling), they use this steroid to get in the perfect shape.
  • Professionals in the fitness industry: All the fitness professionals who are into competitive bodybuilding consume such supplements to enhance strength and bulky look.
  • To enhance muscular strength: As anabolic steroids improve the secretion of testosterone in the body, it can help to increase the strength of the muscles and to achieve high muscular strength without rigorous workout for a long duration of time.


What amount Anabolic steroids is harmful?


There is no safe dosage for anyone for this type of steroids. Even many users see this drug as a healthy option and not as something like addicting themselves to drugs. But without expert prescription, this drug can take a toll on your health. In some cases, it may result in serious health issues like heart attack or stroke.

Also, this steroid affects every consumer differently. The following are the side-effects that one may experience

  • Frequent acne that can lead to scars
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Increase in the rate of sexual urges
  • Mood swings and change in behaviour
  • More prone to catch cold or flu
  • Facial bloating due to water retention


Some tips on “How to use anabolic steroids safely”


  • Stick to the Don’ts!

The most common problem with anabolic steroids is its misuse. There are many ways through which it is observed that people are not using them in the appropriate way. According to the behaviour of the consumers, it can be broadly divided into various patterns. The most common patterns are the following:

  • Cycling: This is the most common behaviour among the youth. In this pattern, the consumer neglects the prescribed dosage instructions and take multiple doses for a period of time and then stop taking it for a short time and continuing it again without any consultation from the expert.
  • Pyramiding: This refers to the tendency of increasing the dosage gradually that can reach to the danger level after a period of time.
  • Plateauing: It is a practice wherein the consumer substitute of a steroid frequently while consuming other steroids. So this overlaps two different anabolic steroids together.
  • Stacking: This pattern may be dangerous as people tend to mix two or more anabolic steroids together and then consume them.

These practices are not suggested by any expert and hence it is advised to abstain from such methods. Misuse of anabolic steroids can lead to any health issues (mental as well as physical).


  • Follow all safety measures under the guidance of an expert


Never forget to use new needles and syringes for injecting anabolic steroids. Also, follow expert guidance on dosage of the anabolic steroids. After the examination of the health condition, the medical professional will suggest you the right dosage. And the most important thing is to  complete post-cycle therapy after completing the dosage course of anabolic steroids.


Learn about supplements and nutrition from the experts

So you can plan to take steroids to increase your performance and strength, but the most important factor is the dosage which may differ from person to person. So it is recommended to take expert advice. You can contact GSB Academy for professional help on steroids and health supplements. We even provide diet plans to achieve fitness goal naturally. If you want to know more about fitness and steroids, then you can participate in our fitness courses and workshops. Our team of experts will train you on how to use anabolic steroids safely which can help you to be a reliable trainer in this sector.


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