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Importance Of Sex Education In India

Breaking taboo: Importance Of Sex Education


GSB Academy is the unique fitness academy that emphasizes on the importance of sex education in India. Although society is evolving still people are not comfortable about discussing topics that are related to sexual health. This hesitation led to many myths that are still prevailing in the present modern society.

Our objective is to share the biological science behind human anatomy in a way which is easy to understand and you can learn it without hesitation. Our faculty is well qualified in their area and understands that some topics need special attention according to the participants. We provide sex education sessions for kids & teenagers wherein the topics covered are like good touch, bad touch, women hygiene, etc. But for adults, we cover other topics like contraception, how to maintain sexual health, etc. in our sex education workshop.


Sex Education Workshop: An initiative towards healthy tomorrow

The prime reason that makes sex education as the most important topic in India is the fact that a significantly large part of the Indian population is adolescent. And at puberty, the body goes through many changes and young minds have many confusions about these changes. And the taboo about discussing such topics can result in conservatism and development of myths. So, this is the right age when parents and teachers should start discussing sexual health clear the doubts related to it.

Still, now there is a trend of child marriage in the rural and tribal area which affects the overall health condition of the women due to early pregnancies and responsibility of children and family. Also, it is observed that people still don’t know the importance of using contraception to protect themselves from Sexually transmitted disease and infections.


Some facts referring to the importance of Sex Education in India

  • It is observed that young women aged 15-19 are more prone to health complications due to pregnancy and unsafe abortions.
  • Around 20% of women in India are experiencing their first pregnancy before the age of 17. Also, many of them are women who have experienced multiple pregnancies in a short duration. This results in a high mortality rate in young women due to the increment in risk. It happens because their body is not prepared to give birth to a child as they themselves are children with a tender musculoskeletal system.
  • Lack of education and awareness leads young women to use some unhygienic stuff like old infected cloth, hay, sand, etc. in their menstrual cycle.
  • Even many young girls are isolated in their family when they are on their periods. Moreover, they are not allowed to go outside or talk to males as they are considered impure and interacting with males can lead to pregnancy. These perceptions are completely false. These myths can become a hurdle in women empowerment and hence programs for sex education covering topics like women sexual health and hygiene are really important in India.
  • Unfortunately, teenagers between the age of 15-24 shares an unequal ratio of 31% of AIDS-infected people in India.
  • After a survey, it was found that only 19% of girls and 35% of boys have complete knowledge on HIV and AIDS. This implies that the rest population don’t have enough knowledge which can result in late diagnosis and treatment leading to a high risk of death.
  • The most terrible fact is the ratio of child abuse in India. According to reports compiled by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, 53% of young boys and 47% of young girls have faced sexual abuse in various forms.


What can you expect in GSB Sex Education Workshop?

So these were some of the facts that highlight the importance of sex education in India. We, as a part of fitness and wellness community, want to break the taboo and educate teens and adults about their body and how can they maintain their sexual health to avoid deadly infections and diseases caused due to unprotected sex or lack of hygiene.

And if you are a teacher or a parent, then this workshop will help to develop psychological skills that can assist you while discussing sexual health with your students and children. If you want a personal session on this topic or want any guidance on fitness, then you may contact us. Also, if are in the fitness industry, then you can learn about sexual health which will help you in your career.

We also diet plans, fitness training sessions, and courses on nutrition & fitness training. If you want to check our courses, then click on the courses section.

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