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Payment Policy




Member Service Agreement is come under the terms & condition act made by and between GSB Fit and the respective patient/patient’s legal guardian or representative. To provide & ensure safe and secure services to member GSB Fit employed Licensed Certificate & Degree holders in various department in Health & Fitness industry. GSB experts are strongly holds 10+ years of experience on their respective field or subjects.

1) Payment & Transactions

Ensure patient’s enrolment into GSB Fit require following mandatory documents (Patient’s contact number, permanent address & registered email ID). GSB Fit will hold or deny his/her entire procedure if any of the following documents are found missing.

1.2 Patient can choose options between UPI payment, Net Banking, Cash deposits or NIFT for successful transactions for enrolment.

1.3 GSB Fit do not accept or handle hand to hand cash exchange. If any counsellor or representative advice you to do so, patient is permitted to put a complaint in [email protected]

1.4 It’s mandatory to share his/her payment confirmation screenshot with their counsellor/ dietician to confirm their transactions from client’s end. GSB Fit will hold the entire treatment till the amount will be confirmed by GSB Fit accounts team.

1.5 Patient will receive their invoice into provided registered e-mail ID within 48hr after confirming their transactions. In case patient won’t receive their transaction receipt within 48hr kindly put a mail into [email protected] or [email protected]

1.6 Successful transactions will not be refundable or reimbursed & non-transferable expect the things

1.7 In case of installation procedure 30 days will be given to confirm your partial payment confirmation. GSB FIT holds the rights to terminate your treatment program if the partial confirmation payment is being undone.

1.8 GSB FIT doesn’t allow for any sort od replacement or exchange policies. Patient can put a complaint on [email protected] if any of our GSB counsellor will suggests you to do so.

2) Reports & Documentation


2.1 Before heading towards GSB Fit treatments patient need to submit their complete following necessary documents post transaction. (Aadhar card or Passport, Recent Passport size photo, Doctor diagnosed reports & prescriptions, recent test results of CBC, AMMONIA, THYROID, LFT, KFT, LIPID PROFILE). GSB Fit will hold the entire treatment till the entire reports will be confirmed by GSB Fit expert team.

2.2 For domestic clients its mandatory to submit their necessary reports & documents with their valid national ID proof. GSB Fit will hold the entire treatment till the entire documents will be confirmed by GSB Fit legal team.

2.3 For International clients it’s a mandatory to send an authorization of confirmation mail into [email protected] along with their own valid mentioned reasons if the person is unable to do GSB Fit prescribed tests. Client need to attach their passport copy and doctor diagnosed reports as well into the same mail confirmation to procced their appointment consultation.

2.4 By submitting domestic/international client’s reports this procedure will help GSB Fit to understand the individual’s concerns minutely & which will help GSB Fit expert to review your concerns according to your given recent reports before heading towards your appointment consultations.

2.5 By submitting domestic/international client’s valid documents this will help GSB Fit to procced for a legal verification of individual. GSB Fit will hold the entire treatment if found error on any specific documents. Therefore, GSB Fit will immediately hold the particular individual treatments.

2.6 All the reports should be done prior 30 days before starting your treatment with GSB Fit. Reports will not be accepted by GSB Fit if it exceeds more than 30 days.



3) Cautions & understanding


3.1 User individual need to stick with given treatment plan for given time frame for the best results as GSB Fit doesn’t encourage or intended to treat in emergency health conditions.

3.2 User’s parent or legal representative signature is mandatory for client under 18 years.

3.3 User understands that no results can be guaranteed or assured from the advices sought from the GSB expert or results from GSB Fit, as may be expected or required by the User.

3.4 User can contact anytime only within company business hours (1000hr – 1800hr) as all the counsellors will be available for the proper discussion. In case of any medical emergency, we encourage you to contact your prescribed physicians immediately.

3.5 GSB Fit treatments are totally based on holistic approach which comes with Exercise, Nutrition & Supplementation (optional), Breathing exercises, Meditations & stress management.

3.6 GSB Fit focuses on lifestyle changing approach which will treat the user’s root cause of problem rather than a Symptoms. We encourage you to focus on entire lifestyle rather than only on diet & nutrition.

3.7 User need to follow according to GSB Fit protocols & advices. If any complexity or perplexity comes from outside sources then GSB Fit will not be responsible for that.

3.8 User need to be diagnosed first before ensuring with GSB Fit treatments. No treatment plan will be given or started without submitting all the prescribed reports.

3.9 GSB Fit doesn’t promote or prescribed any medications during your treatment. User treatment is completely based on Exercises, Nutrition. Dietary supplements will be recommended to support & fulfil your nutrition deficiencies but its completely optional to implementation.

3.10 GSB Fit strongly holds the rights to make any changes in terms & conditions anytime as per GSB Fit management needs & requirement.

3.11 GSB Fit holds the right to take a legal action against any barbaric or uncomplimentary behaviours towards any GSB counsellors within ongoing or post treatment length.

3.12 GSB Fit will not entertain or treat any other expectations separately from specified concerns enrolment by client’s end.

3.13 GSB Fit will not be a part if any difficulties arise post treatment plan.

(Ex. Individual treatment plan is over at 31st march hereby on April 1st that individual will not be a part or entertained by GSB Fit)



4) Legal causes & actions

(Following consequences can arise against individual as per IPC, if individual choose to create any nuisance or dead mouth or individual’s own benefit for any illicit purpose done against GSB team).


4.1 Using GSB management or team members photos or calls for their own benefits and reasons for cyber defamations will lead that person to simple 2 years of imprisonment (Section 499 & 500 according to Indian Penal code). This can be extended as well with additional penalty amount.

4.2 User make sure that prescribed treatment plan will keep it personal & not to disclose with anyone or social media platform openly. This act lead GSB Fit to take a strong & bold action against the individual. (Section 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 & also Section)

4.3 Any individuals fraudulently or dishonestly make use of the electronic signature, password or any other unique identification feature of any other person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine with may extend to rupees one lakh. (According to section 66C)

4.4 For any types of liabilities arise for GSB team because of any wrong full method followed by then GSB Fit hold the right to take legal actions against individual and shall not pay for any damage done by any individual.

Fully responsibilities & damage amount will lie & fulfil by same person who have created damage to GSB Team.

4.5 Section 499 of Indian Penal Code says that “Whoever by words either spoken or intended to be read or by signs and visual representations makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person intending to harm or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm the reputation of such person is said, except in the cases here in after excepted to defame that person.”

4.6 Section 500 of IPC provides for punishment wherein “any person held liable under section 499 will be punishable with imprisonment of two years or fine or both.”

4.7 Section 469 deals with forgery. If anyone creates a false document or fake account by which it harms the reputation of a person. The punishment of this offence can extend up to 3 years and fine.

4.8 Section 503 of IPC deals with the offence of criminal intimidation by use of electronic means to damage one’s reputation in society.


  1. Students needs to make sure they’re 50% of payment needs to be done before stating any course from GSBFIT.

    2. Ensure student’s enrolment into GSB Fit require following mandatory documents (Student’s contact number, permanent address & registered email ID, Highest Qualification Certification). GSB Fit will hold or deny his/her entire procedure if any of the following documents are found missing.

    3. Patient can choose options between UPI payment, Net Banking, Cash deposits or NIFT for successful transactions for enrolment.

  2. GSB Fit do not accept or handle hand to hand cash exchange. If any counsellor or representative advice you to do so, patient is permitted to put a complaint in [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

    5. All the payments are non-reimbursable & refundable once the receipts will be received.

  3. Partial payments need to be cleared within 90 days. Unfollowing this will lead to terminate the assigned course.

    7. Students can easily generate the certification from the website. Student need to confirm the payments for courier charges of certification.

    8. GSB FIT will not be responsible for any further extension of post completion of courses.

  4. GSBFIT holds the complete rights to take any legal action against one if found guilty by copying any content or chapters.

    10. GSBFIT doesn’t hold any guarantee for permanent jobs instead GSB FIT will help students to get the interview round as per placement promises according to the industries circumstances.

    11. Students can contact GSBFIT faculties by telecommunication with in business hours.

    12. GSBFIT will extend the duration of any courses in case of real valid documents with submitted from students end.

    13. GSBFIT courses helps to prepare students for international certification.


  5. Clients will purchase supplementation according to their own choices as GSBFIT doesn’t hold any guarantee of the results in case the selected products are not prescribed or recommended.

    2. GSBFIT doesn’t force any patients to go for GSB supplementations. Supplementations will be recommended if that needed for the particular patient’s on particular treatment.

    3. GSB FIT doesn’t holds any guarantee of results if any supplementations purchased unauthorized manner which is not recommended.

    4. GSBFIT will not be responsible for any supplementation side effects if it will be taken without recommended by GSB Experts.

    5. Customers (client/ patient) will receive their receipts according to the supplementation price mentioned.

    6. GSB FIT doesn’t promote any supplementation brands GSBFIT will recommended according to patients needs and requirements.

    7. In case of expiry and damages of any purchased items GSBFIT will exchange or recommend alternative items.

    8. All the purchased items will be non – refundable after being dispatched from GSBFIT.

    9. Supplementation amounts will be non – reimbursement by GSBFIT.


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