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GSB Master Personal Trainer


Master Personal Trainer is a must read for any aspiring or current personal Trainer with a desire to be not just good, but GREAT at their craft. Gurpreet Singh Batra and Kulbir Singh, makes a great effort to deliver a concise, easy to read resource to help Trainers develop their skills in numerous areas. Covering everything from Human Anatomy to Postural Assessments and Resistance Training, this is a book that encompasses just about everything a Trainer should think about and attend to each day to be at his or her absolute best.



The cardiovascular system transports the blood throughout the body, and the lymphatic system carries lymph, which is a clear fluid quite similar to the plasma in blood. Blood contains nutrients from the foods we eat and oxygen from the air we breathe. The blood also contains hormones and cells that fight infections and diseases. The blood also transports waste substances to various places that then immediately removes the waste from the body.


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