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Why is sex education important for youth in India?

As we all grow and enter into adolescence or adulthood, we experience a lot of physical and mental changes in our bodies. There is a lot of confusion in mind due to the sudden pump of hormones flowing in the cerebral mind, and ironically we don’t get any help in finding the right path. Sometimes we have to make important decisions about our sexuality, sexual behavior, or relationships with family and friends. As there is no one from whom we can seek guidance, we tend to hold it back in our hearts. Many times, due to lack of knowledge or guidance, we tend to make a decision that later on affects our physical or mental health.

Everyone has the right to live with a healthy mind and body. For this, society plays an essential role as it has the responsibility to nurture the youth by providing the right education at the right stage of life. We all are taught about nutrition and health, but some topics are never discussed. One of such “forbidden” subject is Sex. At the same time, we need to understand that comprehensive sexual health education can prepare the youth to make healthy decisions for themselves.

But Sex education cannot be limited to contraceptive methods or Sexual transmitted diseases or illness. A comprehensive course should cover more than these topics. So let’s explore what is the object of sex education and things included in it.

What is Sex education?

It is about educating people about Sex, sexuality, physical developments at puberty, and relationships along with skills that can help young people communicate or make an appropriate decision related to sexual health. According to age and sexual behavior, this educational provision is planned. It includes topics like puberty, reproduction, relationships, abstinence, sexual violence, body image, gender identity, sexual orientation, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs), contraception, and condoms. It also respects the right to know the accurate and complete information about everything covered.

Why is sex education important for youth in India?

  • A very little awareness about sexual protection and diseases

Around 2.3million people were found infected with HIV infection at the age of 15 or more from 2002-13. This result was observed by a study conducted by UNICEF and Population Council of India. It sums up around 31% of the population infected with severe STD known as AIDS/HIV.

The prime reason for this prominent figure is the lack of sex education, as discussing such things is still considered taboo in Indian society. It is related to the problem that people do not have enough awareness about unprotected intimacy with multiple partners or injecting infected or used syringes.

Only 45% men and 28% women at a young age have enough knowledge about HIV/AIDS and ways to protect themselves against it. And the majority of these people were from urban areas. This calls the need of sexual health education specifically in rural India.

  • Lack of sexual health and hygiene in women

This is a harsh reality that many underage girls are compelled to marry before the age of 15 to older men. This situation tends to increase the risk of pregnancy in their adolescence because the fertility rate of women is high between the age of 15-20. Taking care of a baby & managing the motherhood’s responsibility  at such a tender age affects the mental as well as physical health of the women. Around 62% of rural girls started their motherhood in their adolescence risking their lives.

Also, at this time, these young girls are exposed to multiple pregnancies and unwanted sexual activities, which can severely affect their body and mind leading to many problems. The most pathetic case is the lack of awareness about reproduction procedure and menstruation. Many young girls still use hay, sand, cloth, or such stuff in their periods, which can cause infection in their body leading to infertility. It seems to be a crime for a girl to discus her menstrual problems with others, and due to this, many women ignore the signs of health issues related to their reproductive organs.

  • Boys want to be gentlemen, and we need to squeeze down the ratio of sex abuse

According to Indian society, men seem to have the upper hand, and traditional views related to masculinity restrict young boys from seeking help related to their sexual health. Also, young kids need to know the difference between the good and bad touch so that they can take action accordingly. Not only young girls, but boys are molested. So it is the need of the hour to educate about sexual health and the fact that one should respect others’ consent. A simple “NO” should not be taken as an offensive act.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, around 50% of young kids, including girls & boys, have faced sexual abuse in their lives. So here, it is the responsibility of society and guardians to provide enough knowledge and support so that they can safeguard themselves from the claws of the perpetrators.

But for effective education, educator needs to analyze sexual behavior so that it can be screened if their urges lead to any violent activity or not. For this, psychological experts need to participate in educational programs and address the youth about behavioral delinquencies and sexual responsibilities.

The need of the hour at global level

There are many countries, including India, which is still arguing if Sex education is right for youth and how to plan the right program. But this is also a fact that dearth knowledge has to lead to many health issues in young boys and girls. GSB Academy has tried to break this taboo and provide Sex education workshops and webinars for youth. People who want to serve in the health and wellness sector can also enroll in our other fitness or nutrition courses to learn from experts and grow their careers. They are conducting a workshop on Sex Education, Supplementation and Exercise for better sex life on 27 June, 2020 at 7PM. It will be addressed by Gurpreet Singh Batra– fitness expert and founder of GSB Academy. Book your seats to upgrade your knowledge and clarify all the doubts related to sexual health.

June 20, 2020

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  1. Very important thing which people always try to avoid.

    Now is a high time that government should come up with a plan for the same.

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